Something different now. Normally I only post, or mostly post, in Dutch. But as I’d want this post to be read by someone responsible or at least the firm that shipped this thing to the stores, I have to switch to English. My French is even worse, so English is the right choice.

I bought the blu-ray of Le Petit Prince today. As I would have expected, visually it is a masterpiece. I have not finished watching it, but there’s something I need to say.

Aside from a trailer, there’s nothing extra on this disc. Not that I absolutely would want or NEED to have something extra, but if you’re not including anything, set the price right. Let’s be fair, it’s hardly Dreamworks quality. And that’s ok, it has charm, it fits. But without subtitles (more on that later) or scene selection, both of which I think are absolute minima for inclusion on a dvd, I can’t help but feeling robbed, after having paid € 18,99. I wouldn’t have paid anything more than € 10,00, had I known that beforehand. And yes, I have seen the package, but I didn’t expect this.

Even though it’s but a nuisance for me, I can expect young children or people with hearing impairment find it more than a nuisance.

Talk about a missed opportunity. You had a great classic on your hands, and you did well redefining it for this 21st century. And then you slam it on a blu-ray which does not have even the most basic of functions, well…