The day before yesterday, I bought Tango in the Night re-release from Fleetwood Mac. As good as the album is, I’m kind of disappointed with the quality of it all.

First, there was a dent in my “box”. That I can live with, actually. I was totally excited to actually get one of the best records FM has ever made, but the excitement turned to disappointment when I actually played the record (the vinylrecord, the cd’s played perfectly).

It was just as if I’d played a bunch of old cd’s with loads of cracks on them. You know, it wouldn’t be bad if the songs had the occasional crackle and pop in it, because why else would you go vinyl, but this was just as if it really was a cd and the laser-reader skips a few tracks.

“Big love” played wonderful, thank heavens, but then there was “seven wonders” which is one of the greatest Fleetwood Mac-songs ever, and it was totally ruined by then. Out of pure misery I did break out the cd’s and played them instead, whereas the majority of the value (price, more like) of the set would have been the vinyl records, they ended up ruining it for me. At first I thought maybe the records were dirty or dusty, but then I just took them out of the plastic wrapper-protected case and my house is clean enough, so there shouldn’t have been any dust or dirt on the records.

I am disappointed and quite sad, that’s €60 down the drain.