Normally seen this is a Dutch blog, but for some people, I’ll make an exception. There is this skank who does nothing else but play videogames, bat her whiskers at the camera and whine about how popular she is and her hard, yet relaxed life. Suzylugme is her online persona.

She must really be very popular or – most likely – in need of attention, because up until today I have not heard about her. But what I have heard about her, is no good.

Apparently there is a strike going on at McDo’s so that the people who slave there (or work there, same diff) can get a decent pay. I am no expert on the matter, and I’d like to think neither is Suzy.

But Suzy thinks it is smart to comment on those strikers that they should “go get a decent job” and stop asking for handouts. These people who work for a company that doesn’t give a shit about workers rights, who never had the opportunity to go further or do better, these slaves are asking for an equal share in the profits (even if the resulting wage would still be very low), and they are beggars in little miss sunshine’s eyes.

I am thoroughly disgusted. Not only does she shit on those poor people, but she seems to think that striking is begging for handouts. Striking, miss Suzy, striking is the last resort to be heard by a management that does not care. Striking is showing that you’re fed up with all the abuse.

Just imagine if all the people would think – if that is indeed what she is capable of under all those layers of make-up – that striking is begging and should be ignored, or that those people would have to get a decent job.

Not only would a lot of worker’s rights not exist, but people would also be a lot less likely to go to college. There would not be any “decent jobs”, just destitute masses being exploited by the system that would use up their bodies until they are worthless, being paid even less than a “handout”. There would be a whole lot of low-wage shit jobs, and the people who do them would not have the time or money to give handouts to popular youtube-channels whose owners too, ironically, are begging for money. And yes, miss Suzy, you, too, would have a far greater chance at flipping burgers for next to nothing, were it not for the social advancement there has been, thanks to striking.

If indeed I did catch your attention, watch the movie “Daens”, which precisely sums up what I have said here.

I am not going as far as to say that you are a disgusting person, since I do not know you and you have a right to express yourself, but please, look at yourself before saying such things. You are being paid handsomely to exist. These people work hard for next to nothing.